Sunday, March 13, 2011

Man Cave News

The Man Cave Authors have been busy lately.  All this writing and promoting can really work up a sweat.

Here's what we've been up to:

Frank Cole's fourth published book, The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter, was just released, and he had a launch party at Barnes and Noble in Sandy, Utah.

If you missed the party, Frank will be busy promoting the book for many months to come.  He's an avid presenter and will be touring schools soon. You can check out his new author website for more information or check out his seminar "Ignite a Love of Reading Within the Youngest Readers"  at the LDS Storymakers Conference in May.

David J West's short story The Hand of Fate appears in the newly publish fantasy anthology Shadows & Light: Volume II.  You can order a copy from Pill Hill Press here.  David's been a short story machine in recent months, and you can expect to see his name pop up in several future anthologies.

Michael Young's short story, "Portrait of a Mother" is available right now through Amazon just in time for mother's day.  Check it out here.

Mike's second book tentatively titled The Last Archangel was recently picked up with Cedar Fort Inc and is due out later this year. (Go Mike! You da man!) I'm sure he'll keep us updated about this exciting development.

The second edition of J Lloyd Morgan's book, The Hidden Sun, will be published with Walnut Springs Press later this year.  Check out the fancy new cover design.  He's promised some fun extras for the second edition, and we plan to keep him to his word.

Dan Harrington has been doing promotion work for his book, Who's at the Door? A Memoir of Me and the Missionaries.

He scored a feature story in Provo Utah's Daily Herald, which you can read here.   The story features a quotes from fellow Man Cave Author Michael Young, LDS Author Tristi Pinkston, and even some of the "characters" from the book.

That's the news from us at the Man Cave.  Now back to you.

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