Thursday, January 19, 2012

Should You Shamelessly Self-Promote?

Yeah, Why Not? You have to spread the word to the masses don't you? And to help teach you how to do it I'll give the following examples of Enticement, Humour, Description and Recommendation below, and because this is a Family Man blog, I'll leave out the gratuitous sex and violence. (And NO Dan, don't mention any of that sounds like what Satan would say.)

Remember you have to be willing to alienate your/my 4 other co-authors and talk about your/my almost 2 year old book instead of their new releases, because there comes a time for all of us where 'we' as men & writers need to shamelessly self-promote, so here goes...

For the next 5 days Heroes of the Fallen is a free e-book.

Well, whats it about?

A great civilization teeters on the brink of devastating war. Amaron of the elite guardsmen must embark on a quest to protect the fate of two nations. Nations whose destruction is being orchestrated by the greatest evil the land has ever known. Who will rise to become the heroes of the fallen?

OK, but is it free?
Yes, it is.
And for how long?
Five days.
And it is free?
Yes, it is.
Is this one of those indie books you're just giving away because no one ever read it?
No, people have read it and here's what they had to say-ever so briefly.

"brutal, gory, and depressing---But make no mistake, West is a talented writer, and whether a reader ordinarily picks up fictionalized scripture novels or science fiction once embarked on this novel readers will find it nearly impossible to put down." Jennie Hansen reviewer for Meridian Magazine

"Heroes of the Fallen is a Book of Mormon historical that reads like an epic fantasy. It's not often that the LDS market sees something truly new, but West's debut novel really is different. It was refreshing. A breath of fresh air--and a lot of fun."  Rob Wells, author of Variant

"it’s very nice when you find an original vision at work. I’ve found one of those in David J. West, whose Heroes of the Fallen has imagination in spades. The world created by West is fully realized and backed up by both firm historical knowledge and a good feel for mythology. If imagination is the engine for Heroic Fantasy, fine prose is the fuel. Here, too, West achieves--" Charles Gramlich, author of Bitter Steel, Cold in the Light, and the Talera Cycle trilogy

"its a great read..." Wayne May publisher of Ancient American magazine

"Heroes of the Fallen is well researched, with an extensive cast of characters and lots of political intrigue. This is the first in a series. The sequel, Blood of our Fathers, arrives next year. Recommended." Bruce Durham author of The Marsh God

“David J. West has created a story line filled with excitement, archaeology, treasure and real history. This is a must-read not only for entertainment but also to open new doors and vistas of possibility for the mind." Bruce H. Porter Ph.D. Brigham Young University religion professor

 "When I first learned that someone was writing a book based on the last events of the Book of Mormon. I thought, "Good. It's good to read those types of books." No, no, no! It is not simply good! And good is the wrong word! It is intrigue, fascination. Power. Obsession." - M. Gray

So do yourself a favor and check it out ~ and Thank You


  1. Free! Free! Free! Everybody loves a good deal.

  2. I think there is nothing wrong with self promotion. Heck, it seems I spend as much time promoting as I do writing.

    As for "Heroes of the Fallen", I echo what was listed above. It's an excellent book and I'm dying to read the next one.

  3. Thank you Jason-I am on it (along with far too many other projects)