Saturday, February 12, 2011

V Day Flick List

Here at the Man Cave, we want to prove that guys have feelings too, especially on Valentine's Day.

To help our male cohorts out, we've compiled a list of romantic comedies that are guy friendly.  These are the flicks you can snuggle up with on Valentines Day without hating every single second.

Sure, we prefer action and violence, but films like this help keep the women folk happy.

These flicks are Aphrodite Approved.  
(Trust us, we checked)

The Wedding Singer:  Adam Sandler adds a dose of manliness to any romantic comedy.  Here he has to rescue the lovable Julia from her doomed jerk of a fiance, all while belting out 80s tunes at the local reception hall.  Plus, Billy Idol makes an appearance.  Gotta love that.

In the scene below, we discover how an elderly neighbor has been paying for music lessons.

Enchanted: It's a movie making fun of stereotypical fairy tales, though it doesn't turn out as you might expect. And I'm a sucker for fun music. The Prince get's run over by cyclists when he's waxing too cheesy. (Bonus points right there, baby!)

One funny scene can be found here:

Life is Beautiful: It's got a good love story, but also a healthy dose of crazy Germans, and if you sit through the whole thing, you win a tank.

Along Came Polly: I don't know why, but I can just watch that movie whenever it comes on. No reason. I'm not really that big of a Jennifer Anniston fan either. Something about Philip Seymour Hoffman shooting hoops. Good times. And there's love in the air around that movie.

Accepted: Probably not really a romance comedy, but the guy likes a girl at some point during the show. And I laugh a lot throughout it.

The Princess Bride: One man cave author took no less than 7 different girls to this movie when it came out (The Casanova was in High School). One of the best date movies of all time--and one he still enjoys.

Ever After: One of the better re-tellings of Cinderella.

Dirty Dancing: 'nuff said.

We'll post a list of other movies you can enjoy after Valentine's Day soon.


  1. Dirty Dancing? I don't remember approving that one. In its place I would add "Just Friends"

  2. Trust me. If I'm ever in the dog house, all I have to do is agree to watch Dirty Dancing with my wife and all is forgiven.